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I can has fishy?

So, my roomate is awesome and got me a fishy...Here, have some pictures. :)

fiiiiiiiiishyCollapse )

I still don't know what to name him, for the moment he's just "fishy", but the other considerations are: Hugh (after Hugh Laurie, of course), Wilson, andddd yea. idk, any suggestions?

It's only been 10 hours and...

I'm already ready to go back to school. It's not that I don't like being home...I guess I just miss being able to knock on a wall and have someone come over. In other news, life is good for the time being...better than usual actually. :) I met this guy at Fire and Ice when I went with the girls on Monday, and to make a long story short, I've talked to him multiple times a day since then, and have a date on Wednesday...*grin*. Other highlights of my vacation are to include: Shopping tomorrow with Chris since he's no longer being a drama queen, convincing my mom that Steve (Fire and Ice guy) isn't a crazy stalker person who's going to kidnap me (wish me luck, my mother's insane :p), maybe sleeping over Katie's house on Tuesday, possibly picking Jen up from the airport Thursday night and having a sleepover, hanging out with Jen friday night, and doing a shitload of homework/working on research papers. Oh, and baking up a storm so I'll have cookies to bring back to school with me. True Story.

In other news, school is going good...my FYS teacher is crazy, and annoying, but I have an A- in the class, so I won't complain too much. Itech is ridiculously easy - my midterm today was literally the practice midterm with different numbers. Needless to say, I got a 100 :). Sociology is okay, same with Psych, and my Art History class makes me yawn a lot...the subject is interesting, just not for 75 minutes at a time. Especially in an auditorium where your desk is your lap.

I think that's about it...plans for tomorrow include: working out(!), showering, shopping, and possibly picking up some applications. And maybe going out to dinner with Chris and his family - I can't decide if it would be too girlfriend-y or not, but I miss his parents and it's free food. Hrm. :/


I should be sleeping...

But I feel like updating this thing instead. I got new, cute Winter/Christmasy icons, and new icons = :D. So I'm done with my first two finals...even though finals technically start tomorrow, which is technically today. My art final went well, the approximate week before it was due was stressfully crappy because I also had my big religion project/paper due 3 days before my art final, along with a religion take-home test that was due the day before the art final. All in all I managed to get everything done, and not even have a crap sketchbook. So, this is my art final. I ended up getting a B, which I can live with. :) The religion paper got a 93, and the take home test got a 100...either he grades ridiculously easy, or I'm amazing! :p. Although I suppose there's no real reason to get less than an A on a take home test...I mean, seriously. So, as far as grades go...

Drawing: I expect a B...I my sketchbook was an A-, my final was a B, and the avg. of our homeworks in there was about a B I think...
Religion: A, unless I did awful on the final (which was Wednesday, our last day of class, yay not having a real final! :) ). And I highly doubt that I did awful on it. Cause you know, I'm amazing.
Psychology: B/B- if I get a B or lower on the final, A/A- if I get a 96+ on it...*crosses fingers* - our final counts like one of our 4 tests, and the lowest gets dropped - ie: if I don't take the test tomorrow it'd get dropped and thus, the B/B-...
Philosophy: Most of my grades in this class are A's, my participation sucks...I really don't think I talked at all in that class, and I missed 3 classes (honestly due to me subconciously turning off my alarm and sleeping through class. honestly!) which is supposed to mean that I'll lose 1/3 of a grade on the final grade. LAME. But we'll see. And the final is saturday...2 essays, she gave us 5 essay questions and we get to bring in notes...not too horrible.

I'm seeing Jen on Sunday. How fucking exciting is that?!?!?! I haven't seen her in...uhm...way too long! And I will get to see Macchu, which is good too. And my mommy. :) Which reminds me, as far as sickness goes, the throat is still kind of sore, I'm going to try and sleep without benadryl tonight, and my little red spots which came about last Saturday afternoon are still here, and annoying.

Christmas is in like, a week. Holy shit I need to do some more shopping.

Goodnight <3
So I haven't done this in a while, and I figured hey, why not update while I'm waiting for my nyquil to kick in so I can go back to sleep? I hate being sick. It's not even like it's I have a cold my nose is stuffy etc, sick, it's I can't breathe, my throat is killing me and I puked all morning, sick. boo. :(. However, I haven't puked in at least 12 hours I do believe, AND I had soup last night and I havne't seen it again! yay! Anywho, my mom is awesome and came to visit and brought me food and drugs and stuff, so yay for that!

I think I'm also finally okay with life in general, I've been a lot less depressed lately...Things are still ridiculously confusing, but I think I've gotten over the fact that I can't change some things and that I just need to deal with them.

And on that note...goodnight...time to pass out again...

Oct. 31st, 2006


So drawing a nude model, who just happens to be old and with a penis, is kind of awkward. Just thought I'd share. Thank you art class.

In other news...I think I did crappy on my philosophy midterm...we had a week to do it so I know I should've spent more time on it...but blah. However, I feel good about my psychology test that was wednesday, but I'll find out about that tomorrow...along with my grade for our papers we had to write in there...eek.

In other news, I have bangs. I love that I live in Boston and can get my hair cut on newbury street in a salon full of gay men. Yum. :) Rawr, bangs! and yes, they were Rory inspired. :) So that's about all for now...yupyup. <3

This is getting old...

I can't sleep again. I couldn't sleep last night, or the night before. I don't get it, I'm tired enough that I can hardly keep my eyes open, but I can't actually fall asleep. It's weird though, it's like I'll start to fall asleep...and then wake up again, like, not fully asleep though...just in the starting to be unconcious state. Time seems to go by in half hours, and I'm contemplating just staying up...but I know I'll have to fall asleep eventually, and then I'll wake up and not want to go to class ever.

I can't handle this.


I'm kind of getting annoyed at this whole never being able to fall asleep when I really should be sleeping. Perhaps it was all the m&m's I managed to eat today? Blah. It's always on a night when I'm all "yes! I'll get up early tomorrow! And workout! So I'm not fat! Woot!"...and then I just end up sleeping in late, and not showering before class, because I was up the night before being lame, and tired and just sort of sitting around, updating my lj...

In other news, college is still awesome. Saturday night I got to see my mom and my aunt and my grandma for symphony, which was nice, aside from the half hour encore that the piano guy played...It's still kind of weird to see my grandma in a wheelchair though... :/ . Sunday I walked over to BU and met up with Timmy and his mom, and we went to this noodle house which was pretty good...I need to remember to send a thank-you note for that or something. Then I ended up playing frisbee (which, I suck at) with some people on the quad, before I got to use my laundry as an excuse to go back inside. I wish I was more athletically inclined...it seems like a good way to actually get to be friends with people. Anywho. Today we didn't have classes (yay columbus!) I have also recently discovered the good-ness of waffles for breakfast...this could be dangerous...but I mean, I eat fruit too...which I have decided evens it out. *nod*. Aside from waffley goodness, and spending way to long attempting to read things for philosophy and really just watching tv, then actually getting it done, and having my response suck...I went to blicks with emily, and got some amazingly awesome halloween decal things, they're kind of amazing, plus the spray stuff I need for class. Which, btw, we finally started charcoal - YAY! And then we went to best buy and emily bought cds and such, because she's legal like that *rolls eyes* :p. This is such rambling...I feel bad if you're actually reading this, however, I shall give you a cookie for reading this much. :). (a figurative cookie, that is. ;) )

I really should sleep...or do my thingy for my meeting with my academic advisor, which is tomorrow...hmmm, damn. Not that it's hard, just annoying. And I should start reading my article for psych, seeing as how that paper is due next week...lame! I suppose I can start that tomorrow afternoon...Also, the world series is really pissing me off. House isn't on because of it, and the Red Sox aren't even in it...lame! I think I shall attempt my 'AA' thing (hah!), until I get bored enough that I can sleep...you should probably leave me some comments. <3


So last night I finally felt like it was fall. It was probably the first time I noticed that there were actual leaves on the ground (even though most days I go out of my way to step on them cause I like the crunchy sound...haha, I'm such a dork.), and it even smelt like fall. This was all while I was walking over to the JYC for the pep band meeting. Which was pretty much amazing...it was me, some other girl who's an upperclassman and already was in it, plus the Pres. VP and Secretary. Apparently the whole group is approx. 15-20 people, but yea. It was kind of nice to be around band geeks again. :) The psychology club meeting was today, and I'm not sure if I'm going to do that or not...I wouldn't really mind helping with the 'psychology board' thing that they do...so I dunno, we'll see. Then there's an art club meeting tonight, which I don't feel like going to buttt I probably will.

As far as school stuff is concerned, I kind of love Emmanuel. I managed to get a 24/25 on my first philosophy quiz, and I'm still waiting for my psych quiz back...In other news, I went to the ARC (Academic Resource Center) today to work with the tutor for psych and go over my abstract, and she's wicked nice, so yay! She vaguely reminds me of Jackie, and she and my psych prof. have pretty much the same hair style, it's cute. :) (they're working on research together or something crazy like that too.)

Annnnnd my friends are amazing, even if they're sad because boys are dumb...which they obviously are, but you know.


It's 3:07 in the morning right now, and I can't sleep. I'm exhausted, yes, but my mind is too busy being hyperactive and stressed right now. I have class in 7 hours and 42 minutes now. And sadly, it's my least favorite class...

I'm not really sure what's going on with me anymore. College is weird. Fun, but weird.

I guess I'll try sleeping again...